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(menang lagi arsenal... heheheh...)

UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 1st Leg
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury
Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 7.45pm (UK time)

source : Arsenal.Com

In the build-up to this game, the mighty figure of Patrick Vieira dominated the discussion. In its aftermath, all the talk will centre on the somewhat smaller frame of his Highbury heir apparent.

Cesc Fabregas scored the first goal and made the second for Thierry Henry as Arsenal took control of this Champions League Quarter-Final with Juventus.

They will go to Italy for the second leg next week with an utterly deserved 2-0 lead. Juve flickered briefly at the start of each half but were outfought and out-thought by an Arsenal side brimming with confidence.

This was a complete performance, albeit with some stand-out stars - Fabregas was impish, Reyes was rampant, Henry was unstoppable and Toure was towering.

Juve ended with nine men after Mauro Camoranesi and Jonathan Zebina were sent off in the final minutes. But by that time the game was won.

The tie will be decided in Turin next Wednesday but, for the moment, it is advantage Arsenal.

Arsène Wenger’s one change to the team that had beaten Charlton 10 days ago was significant. The cup-tied Emmanuel Adebayor dropped out and Jose Antonio Reyes returned from injury. The Spaniard slotted in on the left of a five-man midfield. Henry was a lone frontman with Robert Pires offering attacking support from an advanced position in the centre.

The rain that lashed down at Highbury just before kick-off was reminiscent of Portsmouth on Saturday. However, this pitch was understandably greasy but otherwise perfect.

The first few minutes belonged to Juve. They penned Arsenal back towards the North Bank and sent inquisitive passes into the channels. The nearest they came to scoring was when Toure blocked Zlatan Ibrahimovic just outside the area in the eighth minute. The Swede took the free-kick himself. Had it not skimmed off the end of the wall then Jens Lehmann would have been called into his first serious action.

Gradually Arsenal gathered themselves. Their tackles found their snap just as their passes found one another. Then they started going forward. In the 16th minute, Hleb ran out of space by the right-hand corner flag but his quickly taken throw-in found Pires in the area. As he chested the ball down he spotted Fabregas running in behind. The Frenchman’s backheel sent the Spaniard free. Unfortunately his shot was scuffed wide. He would more than make amends a little later.

Juve were still predatory and Toure had to clamber the north face of the mountainous Ibrahimovic on many occasions. He was always sure-footed. Henry saw a shot deflected over soon afterwards and, six minutes from half time, the top-scorer would create the opener.

Pires won the ball on the right and flicked the ball inside to his compatriot in midfield. Henry spotted Fabregas darting into the area and his pass was perfect. The 18-year-old cushioned the ball and then slipped his shot between the legs of Lilian Thuram and past the flat-footed Gianluigi Buffon.

A minute later, it could have been 2-0. Henry found space in the area and, as usual, fooled his way into a few feet of space. Highbury held its breathe and hooked his left foot around the ball to shoot from the acutest of angles. His shot was wide of Buffon — and the far post as well.

Juve seemed re-vitalised after the restart. It took another swashbuckling Toure tackle to deny Ibrahimovic as he burst through. Lehmann also had to shepherd a number of crosses whipped in from the flanks.

However their early pressure would be fleeting once more. In the 55th minute, Emmanuel Eboue might have sneaked an unlikely second for Arsenal when his cross deflected high off Gianluca Zambrotta and onto the roof of the net.

Three minutes later, Reyes race forward and squared for Fabregas just outside the area. He spurned the chance to shot and found Henry on the right. He cut inside his marker to open up the angle for a left-foot shot. His effort had power but was perhaps a touch too close to Buffon. The Italian No 1 threw out his right hand to divert the ball around the post.

In the 64th minute that same palm would prevent Fabregas scoring from an identical position as Arsenal cranked up the pressure.

When Hleb’s low shot was saved at the near post a couple of minutes later you sensed that the Juve goal was living on borrowed time.

And so it proved.

In the 69th minute, Hleb slipped a ball to Fabregas just outside the area. His presence has attracted to Buffon forward so, when the youngster squared to Henry 12 yards out, the captain had the relatively simple task of hooking the ball into the unguarded net.

Pandemonium ensued. If this was to be the last great European night at Highbury then it was one hell of a send-off.

A minute after the goal, Vieira was booked. He will miss the second leg in Turin. The same goes for Camoranesi, who was sent off with four minutes to go after receiving his second yellow cards.

Just before that, the Italian midfielder had caused consternation with a chip from outside the area. It floated past the far post and, it seemed, Juve’s hopes of salvaging anything went with it.

Jonathan Zebina’s sending off for a second booking with a minute left just added to their misery.

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ada geram dgn george bush? click sini

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Monday, March 20, 2006



alhamdulillah, aku 'selamat' pergi ke kenduri abby semalam (bukan abby selamat diijabkabulkan heheheh)... dan first time jugak la semalam minyak kereta aku habis kekering-kontangan dalam kereta aku...

pukul 11 lebih pagi, aku terlintas utk sms abby... "abby, aku tak dapat baca doa kat wedding ko la, aku pergi lambat sket, ada hal sket..." ntah kenapa, bukan aku taknak baca, tapi aku rasa macam tak sedap hati plak...

pukul 12, faizal datang rumah, dan kitorang terus gi umah azim amik dia sekali nak gi shah alam wedding abby... lepas keluar je traffic light kat depan giant taman melawati tu, aku dah rasa lain macam... just before exit kat wangsa maju, aku dah cuak, sebab bila aku press minyak, kereta aku mengaum kuat, dan taknak jalan... "alamak, kantoi dah nih, confirm..." aku terus pasang hazard light, masuk kiri (sebab dkt situ ada petronas), jadi ambulans kejap potong queue, langgar trafiic light sambil berharap pada momentum kereta yg tengah laju masa tu... lepas je masuk simpang kiri, terus dah tak boleh gerak dah, dan engine pun mati... uhuhuhuhu...

pikir² macam mana nak isi minyak (stesen minyak kat seberang jalan je, tak la jauh sangat), aku terus terpikir yg aku ada botol kat boot aku... aku amik, buang air kosong yg kat dalam tu, terus gi petronas nak isi minyak...

"kak, botol ni berapa agak² boleh isi?" aku tanya... "biasanya 2 ringget jek"...

lepas isi, aku terus balik ke kereta aku, isi dalam tank... start² still tak boleh nak start...

aku pun pegi le menapak lagi... isi lagi 2 ringget, balik ke kereta... pun stil tak boleh start lagi...

lepas tu, faizal lak amik giliran... dia pergi isi hampir penuh, RM2.90... lepas isi kat tank kereta aku, still tak boleh nak start.... alamak, apehal nih, takkan nak sampai full tank kot... heheheh...

lepas tu, azim plak isi, RM2.80... baru la kereta aku boleh start... saje dia ni, manja sangat... baru first time le sayang, abg tak isi minyak... takkan nak merajuk kot... i'm sorry, abg tak buat lagi okie? abg promise... (uhuhuhuhuhu)

tengok jam, dah pukul 12.45 tgh hari... apa lagi, bak persis fisichella yg menang F1 semalam kat sepang, aku pun cilok mencilok ikut jalan genting klang, ikut bulatan pahang, ikut pekeliling, ikut jalan apentah, pastu masuk federal highway, terus ke shah alam... sampai sana dalam pukul 1.30 tgh hari...

alhamdulillah, kebetulan masa aku sampai, abby tengah bersanding... ok la tu, on time jugak la kot... seb baik aku dah cakap abby yg aku tak dapat nak baca doa (sorry cord, aku rasa instinct aku nih kuat lagi heheheh)...

wedding abby not bad, buat dekat dewan jubli perak, bangunan SUK shah alam... abby, tahniah! semoga berbahagia dunia akhirat... SELAMAT BERJUANG!!! *wink wink*

dah, tak tau nak citer ape lagi... so moral of the story : bila lampu tank kat kereta tu dah stay je, tak blink² lagi, cepat² la cari petrol kiosk... hahahahah...

wallahu a'lam...

p/s : sapa la sebar gosip aku nak kawin tahun nih?

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having a discussion with a friend of mine... pasal tulus vs jujur... such a nice topic, sebab both of them are my favourite songs of radja hahahah...

tulus tu ikhlas, datang dari hati... bila kita buat, atau cakap something dgn rasa yg tulus or ikhlas, benda tu memang confirm datang dari hati...

jujur plak, satu benda yg kita kengkadang terpaksa buat... sebab apa, sebab kita jujur... kita jujur sebab kita bukan berpura²... eg: kalau tak suka, kita cakap jugak walaupun kita tau, benda tu mungkin boleh menyinggung perasaan org...

bagi aku, kalau kita tulus/ikhlas, memang kompem kita jujur... tapi kalau kita jujur, tak semestinya kita tulus... ada kalanya kita terpaksa jujur sebab kita taknak tipu org lain, tapi mungkin kita tak terpikir yg cara kita tu sebenarnya boleh menyinggung org lain kot... cth: kita ada sorang kawan, yg badan dia besar sikit @ gemuk... kita pun sebab punya la jujur, kita cakap dekat dia "wei harun, ko nih gemuk la, macam badak sumbu" tanpa mengira sensitiviti mamat yg bernama harun tu... kalau org yg rapat dgn kita, mungkin kita boleh jek nak jujur macam tu, tapi kalau org tu kita jumpa dekat bus stop ke, kat alamanda ke, takkan kita nak jujur macam tu, kan?

dalam tulus, memang ada jujur... tapi bukan senang nak tulus... bukan semua org boleh cakap something dgn penuh tulus ikhlasnya, datang dari hati...

so yg penting, lebih baik kita tulus, sbb dalam tulus ada jujur... mungkin kita kena jujur pada tempatnya, sbb kadangkala kejujuran boleh menyinggung perasaan org lain... terima kasihlah pada mereka yg boleh terima kejujuran...

wallahu a'lam...

p/s: berkatalah benar walaupun pahit...

(lagu rasmi post kali ini : radja - tulus & radja - jujur)

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huhuhuhu... asyik citer pasal bola @ arsenal je... ramai gila 'jeles' dgn aku hahahah... sori la beb, arsenal nampak je mcm 'gitu' tapi ye la, arsene wenger dah insaf kot heheheh...

hari selasa hari tu, boss aku panggil gi bilik dia... dia tanya aku 'dwen, i ingat nak transfer treasury bawah u, boleh tak?' isk isk isk, tambah lagi jobscope aku... maknanya, tambah lagi la bahagian otak aku nak pikir camne nak buat kerja tu...

ada bestnye aku rasa... ini antara unit yg aku belum buat lagi... ada gak experience baru, environment baru, jumpa member baru, dll... kena pandai nak manage cash kat company aku nih...

arghhh, nanti la sambung... tetiba takde mood...

Monday, March 13, 2006


(tak boleh panjang² nanti ada liverpool fans marah)

Barclays Premiership
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury
Sunday, March 12, 2006, 4pm (UK time)

source :

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insisted Liverpool’s fear of losing the game allowed Thierry Henry to capitalise on a Steven Gerrard backpass to hand the Gunners victory at Highbury.

Wenger’s side were on course to win - courtesy of Henry’s 21st minute opener - when Luis Garcia headed an equaliser 15 minutes from time.

But Henry seized on a wayward ball from Liverpool skipper Gerrard to round Jose Reina for the winner in the 84th minute at Highbury.

When Liverpool had Xabi Alonso sent off for a second bookable offence two minutes earlier, Wenger feels Liverpool got scared.

“We deserved to win the game overall," Wenger said. "When Liverpool equalised I was a little bit scared for a while that we could lose it.

“It looked like we had had a mental blow because we had so many opportunities to score before then.

“But when they went down to ten men they got scared to lose the game. It was a great team performance. We played our quality passing game and it was outstanding to watch.”

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez felt Alonso's red card was crucial as it gave Arsenal the chance to attack.

"We didn’t play as we want in the first half, we made a mistake and we were losing 1-0," Benitez said.

"In the second half we get back into the game, we take control, we were creating more chances going forward and we thought we could win.

“But after the sending-off, we have one holding midfielder: Gerrard."

But Benitez refused to blame his captain for the late error.

“It was a difficult situation for him. He was watching some players and it was difficult," Benitez added.

“He knows he’s made a mistake but he has scored 18 goals and you need to put that in the balance."

Saturday, March 11, 2006


aku sokong arsenal... so what?

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Arsenal 0-0 Real Madrid (Arsenal won with aggregate 1-0)

UEFA Champions League Knockout Stage 2nd Leg
Arsenal Stadium, Highbury
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Kick-off: 7.45pm (UK time) 3.45am (Malaysia time)

source : Arsenal.Com

It was a goalless but glorious night at Highbury as Arsenal marched into the Champions League Quarter-Finals at the expense of Real Madrid.

The star-studded Spanish side, trailling 1-0 from the first leg, threw everything they could muster at Arsène Wenger’s men. But this was a night when Arsenal — dogged, determined, skilful and swift — just refused to be denied.

Madrid had their chances. Jens Lehmann’s incredible paw aside from Raul after the striker’s shot had rebounded off the inside of the post will live long in the memory.

But Arsenal might have saved their fans’ nails from a night of gnawing. Jose Antonio Reyes hit the bar in the first half and Thierry Henry grazed the post twice from long range after the interval.

The tension grew to almost unbearable levels in the dying seconds. But Arsenal’s sixth successive Champions League clean-sheet had proved decisive.

Before kick-off, Wenger had a big call to make over the personnel of his side. In the end, he plumped for the same 4-5-1 and the same XI who had brought back that priceless one-goal advantage from the Bernabeu a fortnight ago. In fact the only change in the entire 18 on show saw Dennis Bergkamp replace Arturo Lupoli on the bench.

The streets around the ground had been buzzing since the middle of the afternoon. You could feel this was a huge night. Europe’s most successful club side had never visited Highbury for a competitive fixture. The anticipation and expectation would be more than met in a breathless first half.

Within two minutes Ronaldo’s far post header had been scrambled aside by Lehmann and Roberto Carlos had thundered a shot wide.

Arsenal might have responded in the best possible way when Reyes collected the loose ball at the far post. However he dragged his shot well wide.

At the other end, a typically fierce drive from Thomas Gravesen was blocked when it looked like it would squeezed through a thicket of legs in the area.

By now, Real’s skillsmiths were starting to ply their trade. Ronaldo back-heeled himself some space in the quarter-hour and only a superbly-timed challenge from Gilberto stopped the Brazilian striker going clear on goal.

A minute later, Guti fouled Emmanuel Eboue just outside the area and Henry’s free-kick sailed inches over the craning neck of Philippe Senderos at the far post.

Suddenly Arsenal were starting to dictate. Fabregas’ deflected shot trickled a few feet past the post midway through the half. When the resulting corner was swung across, Alexander Hleb could only produce an ‘airshot’ when he should have hit the target at least.

Just before the half-hour, Hleb fed Henry on the right of the area and his cut back trickled back across the face for Reyes at the far post. His goal-bound shot was deflected over the bar by the head of Michel Salgado. The Real defender knew little about it.

As the half wore on, matters evened up. In truth there was little midfield; the game just flowed from end to end. The final couple of minutes summed this up perfectly.

While Henry took the attention of two defenders on the left of the area, Reyes was sneaking up on the right. Eventually the ball came to the unmarked Spaniard eight yards out. He hit the ball left-footed just before the backtracking Real defence caught him. It bounced off the bar and away to safety.

Real broke immediately and, seconds later, only a superbly timed challenge from Kolo Toure stopped Zinedine Zidane get a clear sight of goal in side the Arsenal area.

Although the pace of the game barely dropped at the start of the second half, there were less chances. In the opening 10 minutes, Henry saw a shot deflected at one end; Beckham sent a free-kick on the roof of the net at the other.

But by the hour, the game was starting to cook once more. Henry glanced a header wide at the far post.

Then, at the other end, Raul cracked a shot against the inside of the upright from 25 yards with Lehmann. It came back to the Spanish striker and this time he struck the ball from a more acute angle. His bobbling shot seemed to be creeping inside the far corner but the German keeper recovered quickly and somehow managed to paw the ball aside. It was a quite stunning stop from a keeper at the height of his powers.

Arsenal may have killed the game in the middle of the second half. Hleb and Eboue saw decent chances deflected wide. Then, with 17 minutes left, Henry collected Hleb astute pass just out side the area and shaved the post with a low, curling shot. Two minutes later he whistled one just past the other upright

It seemed the home side would be testing the nerve of their supporters to the limit this evening. Wenger threw on Robert Pires from Reyes in the dying minutes. Real brought on Julio Baptista and Antonio Cassano in a bid to lift their now flagging attacking.

They continued to pump probing passes and questioning crosses into the Arsenal area throughout the dying minutes. But the closest they came was when Senderos sliced the ball over his own bar.

Madrid keeper Iker Casillas came up for the resulting corner and so the game ended with Roberto Carlos scooping away a trickling 60-yard from his own goal line as Robert Pires tired his luck from inside his own half.

But, goalless and glorious, Arsenal march on.

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website MindMedia ini dicedok dari ijat punya blog... ko tak marah kan jat?

my result :

Your Brain Usage Profile:

Auditory : 43%
Visual : 56%
Left : 43%
Right : 56%

dwen, you possess an interesting balance of hemispheric and sensory characteristics, with a slight right-brain dominance and a slight preference for visual processing.

Since neither of these is completely centered, you lack the indecision and second-guessing associated with other patterns. You have a distinct preference for creativity and intuition with seemingly sufficient verbal skills to be able to translate in any meaningful way to yourself and others.

You tend to see things in "wholes" without surrendering the ability to attend to details. You can give them sufficient notice to be able to utitlize and incorporate them as part of an overall pattern.

In the same way, while you are active and process information simultaneously, you demonstrate a capacity for sequencing as well as reflection which allows for some "inner dialogue."

All in all, you are likely to be quite content with yourself and your style although at times it will not necessarily be appreciated by others. You have sufficient confidence to not second-guess yourself, but rather to use your critical faculties in a way that enhances, rather than limits, your creativity.

You can learn in either mode although far more efficiently within the visual mode. It is likely that in listening to conversations or lecture materials you simultaneously translate into pictures which enhance and elaborate on the meaning.

It is most likely that you will gravitate towards those endeavors which are predominantly visual but include some logic or structuring. You may either work particularly hard at cultivating your auditory skills or risk "missing out" on being able to efficiently process what you learn. Your own intuitive skills will at times interfere with your capacity to listen to others, which is something else you may need to take into account.


tak percaya? test la sendiri...



take a look at an apple tree. there might be five hundred apples on the tree, but each apple has just ten seeds. that's a lot of seeds! we might ask, "why would you need so many seeds to grow just a few more apple trees?"

nature has something to teach us here. it's telling us: "not all seeds grow. in life, most seeds never grow. so if you really want to make something happen, you had better try more than once."

this might mean: you'll attend twenty interviews to get one job. you'll interview forty people to find one good employee. you'll talk to fifty people to sell one house, one car, one vacuum cleaner, one insurance policy, or a business idea. and you might meet a hundred acquaintances just to find one special friend.

when we understand the "Law of the Seed", we don't get so disappointed. we stop feeling like victims. we learn how to deal with things that happen to us. laws of nature are not things to take personally. we just need to understand them - and work with them.

IN A NUTSHELL : successful people fail more often. but they plant more seeds. when things are beyond your control, here's something that you must NOT DO so as to be happy: You must not decide how you think the world SHOULD be. you must not make rules for how everyone SHOULD behave.

many times, such thoughts can bring you spiraling down into more unhappiness. on the other hand, let's say you expect that: Friends SHOULD return favours. People SHOULD appreciate you. Planes SHOULD arrive on time. Everyone SHOULD be honest. Your husband/wife or best friend SHOULD remember your birthday. these expectations may sound reasonable. but often, these things won't happen! so you end up frustrated and disappointed.

there's a better strategy. demand less, and instead, have preferences! for things that are beyond your control, tell yourself: "I WOULD PREFER "A", BUT IF "B" HAPPENS, IT'S OK TOO!" you prefer that people are polite. but when they are rude, it doesn't ruin your day. you prefer sunshine. but if it rains, it is ok too!

to become happier, we either need to: a) change the world, or b) change our thinking. it is easier to change our thinking!

IN A NUTSHELL : it is not the problem that is the issue, but rather it is your attitude attending to the problem that is the problem. it's not what happens to you that determine your happiness but rather how you think about what happens to you!

wallahu a'lam...

Friday, March 03, 2006



it has been about 2 weeks since my last blog... sekarang nih susah sket nak tulis blog, nak nak semenjak dah tukar ke financial management unit ni... kalau boleh pun, post gambar la, post article, etc... kalau nak tulis dari ilham sendiri, memang takde ilham la kot... kalau ada pun cuma macammana nak manage budget kat mmu nih heheheh...

apa nak citer? banyak jek nak citer, tapi semua berkaitan dgn kerja... nanti ada org bosan plak kan? so kita citer la berkaitan dgn internet... pun org bosan gak... abis tu nak citer pasal apa ye? pasal anna nabila? tak best, sebab bukan anak aku, anak buah jek... kalau anak aku sendiri best la jugak nak citer kan?

last week, ada team building for top management kat mmu nih... boss aku tak dapat pergi sebab medical reason, so akulah yg jadi 'Director' finance ganti boss aku heheheh... team building tu dianjurkan oleh STAD @ en zamzuri... buat dekat ATMA... apa? ATMA? dekat sekolah lama aku tu... first sekali dapat call boss aku, terus aku macam berminat nak pergi... aku mintak boss aku email tentatif dia... tengok macam menarik, so aku pun agree la nak ganti dia...

sampai je kat ATMA/RMC kat sg besi tu, teringat masa sekolah dulu... best woo masa sekolah, ragging budak la, bagi hell la, helicopter la, forward roll side roll la, knuckle clap la, starlight la (korang tak faham punya, takyah faham pun takpe... tapi tu sumer method of ragging heheheheh)... pastu lepas je briefing, terus dia cakap yg kitorang kena tido kat khemah buatan sendiri (guna poncho askar), masak sendiri (pakai mess-tin, mess-cup, solid fuel)... nasib baik takde rangsum tempur dgn biskut anjing...

macam biasa, utk group aku (consist of dr david ngo of FIST, azlan of ISSU, pn aminah of library, mr rizal selamat of FOSEE, dgn nawi of STAD) aku yg kena pasang khemah... konon² ada experience la pasang khemah guna poncho tu... bila dah pasang, malam tu nak tido, commander in-charge boleh suruh semua group pindah khemah lain... hampeh betul!!! buat banglo penat², last² tido kat rumah setinggan... takpe la... janji mata pejam...

malam first tu macam biasa la, aktiviti suaikenal, reka bendera dgn nyanyi lagu patriotik yg dah diassignkan... masa ni la aku nampak yg dean/director ni sumer bukan alert sangat pasal hal² semasa dan aktiviti² luar nih... biasa la, takde masa nak fikir kot...

esoknya, aktiviti monkey-walk... lama dah tak buat benda nih... sebenarnya monkey-walk nih aktiviti di mana kita kena jalan atas tali merentasi satu ruang, ataupun dari pokok ke pokok... ada la dalam 20 meter kot jarak dia... overall, best la jugak, sebab lama dah tak buat... lepas tu terus ke tempat nak abseilling... tak best sangat, sebab tak tinggi sangat + tanah dia tak 90 degree, so tak leh melompat...

petang tu, pergi jungle tracking... ini la aktiviti yg paling aku tak suka buat ari tu... penat woo... kena naik bukit turun bukit sumer... aku nih dah la jarang exercise, so pepaham la kan, penat tak terkata... tu belum lagi campur groupmate aku... overall, sakit kaki + badan heheheh...

malam, aktiviti best, bbq nite... tapi lepas bbq tu pun ada plak sukaneka... tension tul sebab group aku kalah... group aku nih tak la terror sangat tapi asik dapat no 2... dah la no 2 takde hadiah, asik no 1 jek... tak fair betul...

esoknya last day, pagi tu ada aktiviti pistol shooting... ni la best sikit, sebab lama tak menembak... nampak sangat aku tak boelh jadi sniper, sebab menembak plate aku tak kena satu pun hahahahah... hampeh betul... nasib baik menembak sasaran not bad, maintain antara top shooter gak la heheheheh...

minggu ni, agak sibuk utk prepare for february closing... apa yg aku target dapat achieve, cuma ada benda yg aku terkilan minggu ni... biasala, bila kerja ni, kita tak boleh mengharapkan apa yg kita nak/plan tu tercapai... sometimes we cant assume that others will think like us, buat apa yg kita fikirkan... benda ni agak²nya kelemahan ke atau cabaran?

overall, minggu ni agak bosan, dgn benda² yg aku agak tak gemar, berlaku kat aku... kadangkala kita tak dapat memuaskan hati semua orang, tapi cuba utk terima pendapat atau respond org lain... kalau korang rasa korang je the best, tunggu je la masa korang kat bawah, baru tau la langit tinggi rendah...

minggu ni aktiviti penuh, dgn makan² heheheh... since ada 4 kenduri yg berkaitan dgn keluarga aku minggu ni, aku terpaksa cancelkan participation aku kat program kat melaka... harapnya mereka dapat fikir dan rasa, apa yg akan diorang buat kalau diorang kat tempat aku...

semoga allah mengampunkan kita semua...

wallahu a'lam...